This kid begging for YouTube subs

2021.10.22 01:18 DeadyAzz This kid begging for YouTube subs

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2021.10.22 01:18 emmaroselove3 Female Mining Organizer

I was hoping someone could help. I spent a lot of time on Google (and even resorted to Bing) but cannot find it. I took a class on Latin America, and we watched a documentary (it was an old one) on about (I think) mining, and it showed that this woman, even though it was a male dominated area, was in charge of all the illegal activity. I also remember them mentioning Swiss companies being involved. I was trying to find her name but was surprised when I couldn’t find it because of how big of a figure she was. If anyone knows, let me know. I appreciate the help.
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2021.10.22 01:18 Scaulbylausis meirl

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2021.10.22 01:18 Far_Masterpiece1501 Your breath smells

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2021.10.22 01:18 weirdoweebs Horimiya - Please don't go

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2021.10.22 01:18 Bizhanzade Just finished watching the movie. Pretty good I'd say

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2021.10.22 01:18 JCameron181 What’s one example of something SO bad it’s actually good?

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2021.10.22 01:18 Marcrowlan1 keep an open mind

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2021.10.22 01:18 bigripc 23 [M4MF] #Brookline 6’3 Athletic Bbc for looking to meet up with a sexy couple tonight only.

I can verify on kik or snapchat. DM ASAP if interested
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2021.10.22 01:18 mustlovedogs45 Would a futures market for missing people be a feasible solution to finding people faster?

Crowdsourcing is one of the best ways to find missing people. Could we turn this into an actual futures market? How would it be structured?
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2021.10.22 01:18 ItAlwaysEndsBad Scenario: you bumped into Luna Lovegood in London one day, asked her out, she said yes. Now you're taking her on a date. The Question: where are you taking her for your first date. [Looking for real life (muggle) places that are actually realistic for you to go to.. so, not hogwarts, etc]

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2021.10.22 01:18 Theworstairbender HG Nightingale (with cat for scale)

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2021.10.22 01:18 Normalizesteroidz Between cinemasins and cinemawins which is your favorite, and why?

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2021.10.22 01:18 HaXxXoVtotheZ New trending GIF on Giphy

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2021.10.22 01:18 frog_666_ worst vlog
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2021.10.22 01:18 Goro_Aketchup Pray For The Wicked by Panic! At The Disco came in the mail today!

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2021.10.22 01:18 sonkien 500!

Here we go guys!
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2021.10.22 01:18 Negative_Presence715 Sat kabir Saheb Ji ki jai ho

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2021.10.22 01:18 EcstasyCalculus Redditors who have legally changed their name for reasons other than marriage, how did it affect you?

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2021.10.22 01:18 bleuest [Thank You] October thank you's!

u/nutriyum x4 Thank you for the super cute postcards! The one wih the hedgehog and mushrooms is my favourite, the colours are so vibrant and it's just so cute! Thank you for sharing your embarrassing moments 😂 I've definitely had times where I was trying to take off my hoodie and had to be extra careful about it. Also thank you for the super cool Havis Amanda stamp and its description! It looks so elegant 🦢
u/StephanieTay x7 Thank you so much for this random happy mail! I don't remember claiming an offer from you, but I was excited when I saw the minisheets you used on your envelope, then opening it to see the cool pop up cards you sent! I'll assemble them soon :)
u/DPClamavi x10 Omg, thank you so much for all the postcards and awesome stamps!! So stoked to see the cute Le Petit Prince postcards and stamp! Thanks for telling me about your adventure and hike ... the viewcard you sent me does look like an intimidating hike, but glad to hear Merlin enjoyed it! I do live near the coast, but I've never seen a lighthouse up close. I think they do look similar as the ones on your postcard though!
u/halfwayoutoftown Thank you for the WPD postcard! I'm loving the vintage vibes, and it's cool that you designed it yourself!
u/libertyprogrammer x2 Thank you for the flair congratulations card and the postcard with the QR code to the funny video!
u/travel4me22 Thank you for the 100 flair handmade card, I stared at the front for a while trying to figure out if it's handmade or not since it's so clean, before flipping to the back and seeing the stamp 😂
u/Calliss Thank you for the Samaria Cleft postcard and great fountain stamp! It's my first time receiving from Greece.
u/DetectivePorkchop Thank you for the lovely maxicards! I've never heard of twilight Christmas before, that's interesting!
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2021.10.22 01:18 American_Fascist713 😍

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2021.10.22 01:18 auto-rocket You haven’t had much success? You don’t say!

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2021.10.22 01:18 XYoshiaipomX Bottom feeder

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2021.10.22 01:18 CarlitoNSP1 Most underutilized characters?

Barring dropped storylines or dropped characters appearances, what characters have the most potential that they aren't even being CONSIDERED to be explored.
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2021.10.22 01:18 kagif101 "He said his name is Lucifer, he's here to see you"

Burning hot_ and filled with embers, painful memories_ that she remembers, safety in his warm embrace_ her savior wears the devil's face, his hugs were warm_ and they did delight her, though each time she was hurt_ his hug grew lighter, her days grew dark_ but never brighter, he hugged her still_ he'd hold her tighter, unaware_ whats happening inside her, with every hurt_ his hugs grew lighter, Now she lives_ in fear and wonder, sleepless nights_ she does ponder, what if he put_ his arms around her, and she could feel_ his hugs- no longer.
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