How to Secure Your Cryptocurrency in 2021 – Y3llowl4bs Forensics

2021.10.22 00:35 kleanmccoy How to Secure Your Cryptocurrency in 2021 – Y3llowl4bs Forensics

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2021.10.22 00:35 chillandvibe33 Thoughts on sidechick bod?

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2021.10.22 00:35 kanna_rn_420 Check your turf for nails 🙄

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2021.10.22 00:35 sikosis Rules Question: Out of Actions but pulls a token from bag

I have a question regarding the game turn ... so you draw an action token from the bag ... I'm curious to know what happens when you have already used your 2 samurai tokens and then you grab another out of the bag ... your samurai is out of actions so what do you do in that instance? do you do nothing? do you activate a commoner instead?
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2021.10.22 00:35 OzzkuBoi Let’s hope my parents bought the right drum throne, cuz i’m honestly not sure.

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2021.10.22 00:35 Stinger079 I found a hacker

I found a hacker while playing the skirmish. He/she was flying insanely fast and didn't die once. I reported them. Is there anyone I can give their details to?
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2021.10.22 00:35 DragonfruitHungry947 Asking for advice for new players

My and my buddies are trying to get into Dota 2, fresh off being sick of league. We've been having tons of fun, but we had a game against players significantly more skilled than us, particularly a Zeus and Mars, and they just stomped us. Literally killed the whole mood and everyone got off.
We had been stomped before, but something about that game just felt really unfair and we had no idea what to take away from it.
Any advice to avoid fun killers for new players?
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2021.10.22 00:35 E-tie-haugh-die How many Discworld books have you read?

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2021.10.22 00:35 thatoneshotgunmain Those left last on Earth.

By the Galactic Council for Preservation of Humanity and its Cultures (GCPHC)
In our attempts to preserve what is left of humanity, we have once again set into motion plans to attempt to remove the last dregs of humanity from Earth and relocate them to more habitable planets. Humanity as a whole has flourished outside of earth, building itself into a vast interstellar empire. And yet, some hold onto Earth, once again we attempt to discover why. Out of the ten Billion humans originally evacuated from the Earth, less than one billion remain. We interviewed a select few of these individuals.

Interview extract 1: Joana Marble,
Age: 68,
Location: Australia,
Approximate current population of Australia: Unknown, estimated to be extremely low
“Joana, you understand life would be much easier for you on other planets correct?”
“I do.”
“So why have you chosen to stay?”
*Joana goes silent as if considering this question*
*Joana leans back, shakes her head, and sighs*
“I won’t leave.”
“I won’t. Thirty years ago my husband died on the eve of our Tenth Anniversary from Pancreatic cancer. You know what he said to me?”
*Joana leans forward*
“He said this; Joana, it might be selfish of me to ask this of. But if you would, stay with me until the end. Please. And you know what, I intend to keep my promise.”

Interview Extract 2: George P. Tulipana XCI
Age: 32
Location: Oklahoma, United States
Approximate current population of United States: thirty-two million
“Mister Tulipana, The Ninety-first?”
“That's correct.”
“You are one of a long line.”
“I am, and I’m proud of it.”
“That's good, being proud of your lineage is always a benefit.”
*George nods a few times*
“George, May I call you George?”
“Sure, Don’t see why not.”
“Alright then. George, you do understand that life could be much easier for you on other planets? That after we leave, even more of humanity will leave this dying planet and join the greater mass of humanity amongst the stars?”
“I do.”
“And you are fine with that?”
*George stops and stares intently at the interviewer*
“No, I’m not.”
“Then why stay?”
“As long as the Holy See remains on earth I do.”
“So it religious?”
“Many of you humans take very seriously to your religion, but the Holy See has declared worship off-planet as valid has it not?”
“They have, shoot man. How do I say this.”
*George looks at the sky, our interviewer noted that pre-cataclysm this would have been a beautiful landscape, the sky is now filled with brown soot and the air is tough on the lungs. The territory is known as Oklahoma, Inola. The current population is a little over one hundred.*
“This land was made for us.”
“I understand the stars give us a better chance at survival. Amazing, great. Go for it, do it! I want humanity to survive, I want them to thrive. Hell, I want that for myself. I want to continue my Lineage man, I want my name to keep on going down, down, down, until we reach the thousands maybe… And I know, that if I stay here I’ll probably die by the time I’m fifty due to my body just giving up. But, you know what wait here.”
*George stands up and retreats to his house, and soon returns with a beat-up book, opening it near the beginning, and begins to read*
“Then God said, “And now we will make human beings; they will be like us and resemble us. They will have power over the fish, the birds, and all animals, domestic and wild, large and small.” So God created human beings, making them to be like himself. He created them male and female, blessed them, and said, “Have many children, so that your descendants will live all over the earth and bring it under their control. I am putting you in charge of the fish, the birds, and all the wild animals. I have provided all kinds of grain and all kinds of fruit for you to eat;
but for all the wild animals and for all the birds I have provided grass and fruiting plants for food”—and it was done. God looked at everything he had made, and he called it good. Evening passed and morning came—that was the sixth day.
“Now y’all might think that’s some religious bullshit. But you know what, screw your opinion on that. I don’t care what anybody else says. This planet was made for us. It was put in this place for a reason, and I’d be damned ungrateful if I didn’t appreciate it. Even if it has gone to shit, there are still some places in this world that are still beautiful. Still clean, still pure. And here’s something else.”
*He pulls a laminated piece of paper out of his pocket and hands it to the interviewer*
“If you read that, it’s signed. George P. Tulipana IV. I don’t even know how many times this piece of paper has been restored. But it reads, to my descendants. At least one of you has to live in Oklahoma or else I’ll haunt you.”
*He laughs*
“I know I’m not the first to take up his offer, but I’m sticking to it.”
*George stands*
“God bless y’all, and get my brothers and sisters off-world safe will you? I’d be real sad if you didn’t.”
*He returns to his house and refuses to come out further*
This ends our report, some humans hold steadfastly onto the planet they know as home, some tied by religion, family, or sheer stubbornness. We came across a fifty-two-year-old man in an area designated as Yellowstone National Park, he informed us he had been living there for the past thirty years. And refused to leave because he believed it would be wrong for him to die anywhere else than Earth, in his exact words: “I’m a beast of the earth, I’ve taken from it, given to it, and survived off of it. 'Least I can do is let it take me when I die.”
End of report.
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2021.10.22 00:35 renk1737 How do you feel about Batman being bulletproof in this film? Many adaptations have shown a bulletproof Batman, but some argue this scene goes against Batman’s fighting style.

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2021.10.22 00:35 jurkovsky This legitimately made me tear up. So proud Melbourne.

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2021.10.22 00:35 NevGuy My daughter is FtZ (female to zombie).

My daughter is so brave.
A few weeks ago I was sitting in my living room watching the TV. Down the hallway, I heard some groaning and growling. Looking up, I saw my 3-year-old daughter walking towards me with this angry look on her face and making the growling sounds. She gets in my face and starts trying to bite me. I said, "What are you doing?". She replied, "Daddy! I'm a zombie now!". I knew I shouldn't laugh at her for this decision since she is at the perfect age to make her own life choices.
Being the progressive and supportive parent I am, I knew exactly what needed to be done. My wife and I now keep her locked in the coat closet and feed her dead homeless people. I can't be more proud of my little zombie child. She is a true hero and so brave.
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2021.10.22 00:35 neighbor_mike Got any good Catholic dad jokes?

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2021.10.22 00:35 OwnPaleontologist469 There goes my luck for the next 30+ years

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2021.10.22 00:35 Robinjo1985 Bey Alive: Latest Trailer For “King Richard” Features New Music From Beyoncé

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2021.10.22 00:35 Batwaffel PSP Audioware "PSP Saturator" emulates the way that analog devices such as tape recorders and valve circuits warm up and saturate your audio material - Intro Price ($69) until 14 November
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2021.10.22 00:35 Alban_Faywood In the USA and got a question

Where did Limmy go? They pulled him off netflix and now his content isnt available anywhere. Help me watch my favorite show. T_T
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2021.10.22 00:35 jteta12 Evergrande kicking the can (69 nicccce)

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2021.10.22 00:35 88648432 AMDが「Windows 11でRyzenプロセッサのパフォーマンスが最大15%低下する問題」を修正するチップセットドライバーを配布

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2021.10.22 00:35 fredfreddy4444 What is a "1 hit wonder" you would recommend to anyone?

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2021.10.22 00:35 bleedinghero Can you wipe skyrim of all npc's?

I wanted to know if you can. Can you kill every npc? I know you will need mods but is it possible to wipe out everything in skyrim?
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2021.10.22 00:35 Gashunter710 Sonoran roots London pound cake, smells & looks really good but doesn’t have the punch I was expecting, all in all I think I still prefer Mojave & then aeriz, any other recommendations?

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2021.10.22 00:35 Smashboy_2 Looking for modded vehicles

I have no clue on how to get modded vehicles or how to give/receive them, a bit low on cash and was wondering if anyone could give me a few?
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2021.10.22 00:35 PermitTheHermit Some Avatar fanart made in Krita! (ATLA)

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2021.10.22 00:35 QQY2000 知乎上对韩国万人罢工的讨论

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