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2021.10.21 23:24 Gadburn SCP 9

Date: 6 month 11 days after "Liberation
Location: London, England Deep below Saint Paul's Cathededral
"My children, it is good to see you all again." A man dressed in white robes addressed his congregation, well, they would have been white if not for the dried and rotting blood that stained them.
A woman screamed in the background as she was cut and pulled apart all the while the congregation sat in reverence. "Blessed be the prophet and all who follow his teachings." Another scream echoed through the twisted chapel.
"Today we welcome our brothers and sisters from across the lands, they come to aid us in spreading the word to the stars! We are especially honoured to have the old followers of Nälkä present. Please join us in prayer." The horrifying shrieks of the woman eventually faded and the bloody mass drew to a close.
Karcist Adrian was ecstatic at the turn out and with how many of their sister groups had sent representatives. Even those old sticks in the mud had shown up.
In a much smaller room the leaders from the disparate groups gathered to discuss just how best to take advantage of this Empire. To feast on it, piece by delectable piece, parasitize it or allow it to achieve apotheosis alongside them.
"I am in agreement with Karcist Adrian, using the Shil to spread our message would increase our reach to near boundless levels. We would be uncontainable!" This was something the Foundation would do anything to prevent.
"I long to see how these new species will reach apotheosis, it shall be Magnificent," echoed another. Many agreed that utilizing the Empire to spread to the stars would be nothing short of miraculous for the faith.
"We could not have asked for better than the Shil'vati, for they are ruled by the pleasures and desires of the flesh just as we are," another of the leaders expressed delightedly.
"I have invited brother Andrew to join us. I know that he is a relatively new convert to the faith but he is zealous in his service. He has begun working his way into the influential Tharsis House, please hear his words." Andrew was nervous, standing before some of the most powerful men in the Sarkic faith would give anyone pause.
"I thank you, honoured ones. I'll begin, these Shil have an average of eight women for every one of their men, they are desperate for even the briefest glance of a male. Most will go their entire lives without being with the opposite sex. This bodes well for us as we can claim many influential partners at once and indoctrinate them into the faith in a reasonable timeframe."
"The Males of the galaxy are weak, impotent, vulnerable and considered utterly harmless by virtually every sentient species that the Empire has encountered including their own. With our knowledge and adherence to the flesh we will win over large swathes of the galaxy's women with ease."
"Any of these traits would have been desirable, but all of them together? This must truly be divine intervention." Andrew bowed low and waited eagerly for their responses.
Many of the Karcists nodded, surely Yaldabaoth would be pleased with the countless sacrifices and pleasures to come. It would be a feast for the ages.
However, many of those gathered did not share his sentiments, "If the Shil'vati Imperium solidifies its control over Earth they will no doubt obstruct the final conflict between us and the followers of the Broken God if not prevent it entirely! It is we and only we who shall be the ones to break them at last. And anything that would prevent us from doing so must be removed!"
"Karcist Roth is correct, we may seek the destruction of Mehkans' followers but it is our battle and our battle alone, allowing the Shil to interfere is unacceptable."
"Heresy," whispered One of the Nälkä . "You speak of spreading, becoming uncontainable? What you really suggest is the further fracturing and weakening of an already fragmented faith. The likelihood of any group that leaves or forms away from our world staying true to the Prophet's words are effectively nonexistent."
"Even now too many forget his teachings, Grand Karcist Ion has already given counsel on how the faith should deal with Empires, the Imperium is no different than the Daevites and must be struck down just as they were."
The traditionalists were mostly opposed to working with the Imperium on the grounds that their interference would alter or outright prevent them from achieving what their ancient predecessors had worked towards for millenia.
While the more liberal leaders promoted spreading their beliefs to the incredibly powerful families of the Empire, if they could convert or infect the Imperial family billions perhaps trillions of lives would be at their disposal.
A quiet voice interrupted the leaders bickering, "Ours is a sombre crusade, hold pity for those who would so domineer us, even as their blades seek your throat, for they know not the grand nature of being. The enemy would seek to snuff out all that is not within their dominion, to starve the vazjuma is to starve themselves."
Sarkicism held that while individuals can offer prayer and sacrifice to specific deities in exchange for temporary favors, Humanity is not to be governed by or worship any absolute god and that it is our eventual destiny to overthrow them and bring about an apotheotic paradise.
"None may rule us, not now, not ever. You all know this as well as I.'' Every Elder and leader within the room nodded, they may have had their disagreements intense and irreconcilable but they knew this tenant was absolute.
"Andrew shall continue to infiltrate the Shil'vati until we come to a consensus on how to treat the Empire. I may have been too hasty to spread the glory of our faith but I will not disrespect our Grand Karcist's words. Now leave us, young adherent, your role is elsewhere."
As Andrew left the meeting room he swelled with pride, the leaders of his faith had heard him and many supported him in his mission. Truly he was blessed.
"Do you plan to elevate him, Karcist Adrian? He certainly has the enthusiasm and dedication." The smile Adrian wore disappeared, "Of course not, he'll end up as flesh for the faith just like all the others who are unworthy."
"Now, have the invaders disrupted the wretched Foundation's quarantine over our lord's blessing?"
"No, but perhaps our new toys might be able to dislodge them." The Elders and other leaders were eager to finally liberate a true miracle of the Sarkic faith.
Ignorant of his true purpose within the cult, the young man walked down the dark streets, though curfews were still in effect Andrew knew the area well, slipping past any patrols. Pulling out his new Omnipad, a gift from his 'girlfriend', he noticed a new message, " Andrew I'd like to see you, a lot has happened and I need someone to talk to." A wicked smile appeared on his face, "I'd love to, just say when and where!"
Date: 6 months 12 days after "Liberation"
Location: Global Occult Coalition Mobile Headquarters
Staying off the invaders radar was not the most difficult thing the GOC had done, but it was infuriatingly time consuming. Keeping the Avenger hidden took invaluable time away from securing additional resources, personel and uniting the fractured and still fighting elements of the Coalition.
The only reason the flying super carrier had not been immediately shot out of the sky was that the effect of the Chamealon cloth had been replicated in both a long lasting durable paint and to a lesser extent assorted metals which shielded its discovery from the Shil'vati. Even then, it did so barely, so staying well away from their military installations or assets in orbit was imperative to their survival.
The more practical facilities had been compromised, destroyed, or locked down and while the carrier would have suffered a similar fate, the pet project had been painstakingly shrouded from prying eyes. All those not working on it including all leadership save those currently on board had been kept in the dark, those who suggested such measures had truly been vindicated.
The command deck was bustling with activity, after all these months an opportunity had finally presented itself.
"We've been intercepting thier communications and we think it's finally time to hit 'em where it hurts and spring some of our people in the process."
"Commander Melikov is the highest ranked and uncompromised individual left in the GOC, it's truly fortunate he was called away to his public position before the decapitation strike. The Commander will be vital in our efforts to successfully liberate the other POW camps and begin our counter attack."
"Honestly, thank God the're negligent as fuck, thinking the 'ol primitives wouldnt be able to listen in, otherwise we would never have been able find him. Kowalski, prep the PHYSICS boys for combat, were hitting Camp 773."
"Understood Colonel, but what of the other prisoners? Extracting all of them even if they weren't wounded and malnourished would be a tall order. You know how Melikov is, he won't leave those under his command behind, especially after how the Shil have treated them."
"You just focus on neutralizing the guards and keeping their reinforcements off of us and I'll take care of getting them out in one piece. Any word out of PTOLOMY and PSYCHE?"
"Strange thing there, Serpent's Hand grabbed a bunch of the Psychers and they're holed up in the Wanderer's Library. We heard that they were being treated well, despite our… complicated relationship."
"You mean the very simple relationship of shooting at them and attacking their base of operations, don't you?"
"Um...Yes sir. As for Ptolomy we haven't heard anything since Doctor Arakawa ordered all sites to purge any and all coalition data banks worldwide and initiate the self-destruct to any that risked being breached. She, along with most of the division, are likely dead or locked down. Any assistance from them is highly unlikely.
"It's thanks to her that so many of our operatives were able to escape capture, should she have fallen..." He had oftentimes come into conflict with the Doctor, but she had done what was necessary, without question or hesitation. She would truly be missed and the GOC, whatever was left of it, would be far less effective without her.
The Colonel's thoughts shifted from one who knew their duty and was willing to to pay the ultimate price, to those who had forsaken their oaths, "And the traitors?"
"Dealt with, Sir." The Human race faced subjugation at best and being pimped out as sex slaves to the wider galaxy at worst. The fact that some GOC leaders and high ranking members had become turncoats was intolerable. They knew what lurked in the dark and what waited for them to falter or break. Their deaths came swiftly and mercilessly, many operatives had given their lives to silence the cowards. Good men and women wasted for those who weren't worth a drop of their blood.
"You are dismissed Kowalski, I would wish you luck but I don't think it would do any good." The soldier snapped to attention and departed to ready his men. The Pole was always so serious, it's not like it was the end of the world… The Colonel paused, then laughed as he looked at the small photo on his desk, then to a letter he had never expected to receive.
Two dozen men stood tall and proud for the camera in their full dress uniforms. His smile faded, "It's just you and me now, old friend."
:Wanderer's Library:
Two shadows whispered back and forth in the dimly lit and near endless halls of the wanderer's Library, "First the Foundation and now we're working with the GOC, what's the deal here Astraea?"
"The Foundation released Kemri, Rose and Vincent among others which helped bolster our faction and we're definitely not working with the Book Burners!" A big smile appeared on the face of the woman while she shook her head. Her comrade looked at her in disbelief.
"Then why'd we risk our necks savin' a whole bunch of 'em?" If the Coalition were still enemies, why had they bothered with helping them at all?
"It was the right thing to do." Another smile, this one a great deal more mischievous, appeared.
"Don't bullshit a bullshitter. Tell me the real reason." Getting fed up with the woman's shenanigans the other member of the Serpent's Hand said in exasperation.
"Melikov's in charge now, Rashid."
"No shit, really?" The look of exasperation evaporated from the man's face replaced by shock. If this was true things were definitely going to be changing.
"Yup. Well, I mean he's going to be, very soon. Now we have to get back to the others, this isn't the only important news."
"By the Old Magic, Astraea, what could be as important as that!?"
"How about a giant dragon, the Fianna and the Sleeping King fighting off those purple aliens side by side with the British army? The best part, it's all over the net." That had done it, Rashid just stared at her as she zipped by him. Sweet Al-Lāt, what was the world coming to?
:Location [Redacted]:
"We need to meet with your leaders. Many are skeptical of your claims of forgiveness. After what our ancestors did to you, to your civilization..."
"Even… if… true, Child… of... Sun? We... forgive... them... for... Day… of... Flowers, we.. understand... why... they... thought... they… had… to ." Every word the creature haltingly uttered seemed to take a great toll upon it. It struggled with anguish on its ape-like face, determined to deliver its message and intent.
We... waking... up, please… let... return... as... friends... allies… past... can... be... forgiven. "
"Let… us… back… in."
Thank you to the creators of SCP 1000, the Villains Wiki, Heroes, Wiki, SCP Wiki u/BlueFishcake u/CompassWithHat
And u/0rreborre
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Anyone happen to notice the at at the end of the last episode of season 19, the news report ACTUALLY gave credit to NCIS for the save?
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2021.10.21 23:24 Mister-Stiglitz Appointment for an emergency replacement passport with an upcoming trip.

Someone I know has lost their passport after looking extremely hard for it, to no avail. They have an international trip coming up in less than 4 weeks. According to the US travel website the course of action would be to contact the national passport info center and make an appointment at one of the few passport agency centers in the country. It does say that getting an appointment is not guaranteed, and I have also heard of someone not being able to get an appointment.
So I want to ask, has anyone tried to get an emergency replacement passport using this system, and has anyone failed to secure an appointment to do so, and if so, what ended up happening with your pending travel?
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2021.10.21 23:24 BiomedDood [Runners] What are your favorite routes for outside runs (also for trail running)?

Topic. I recently got into street runs. I live around Franklin High and hit the running trail around Whitelock Parkway. Looking for other trails around E.G. Wouldn't mind driving 5-10 mins and then hitting a nice trail.
Planning to do my 1st 5k end of this year (former couch potato here). Then work my way up to trail running.
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I took my ruby to a groomer at PetSmart (big mistake) and they shaved him all the way down..I was livid. That was almost 6 months ago and he has half flags right now. They aren't as long as they were before they got cut but also don't look like they've grown much in awhile. Could just be me. I'll never get him cut again.
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My Code
What its asking for to be correct
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2021.10.21 23:24 The_Tengu_Franky Does anyone stationed at Hickam Airforce Base back in 2006 remember this park?

It was a large wooden playground with tire swings and a huge gecko mural painted on it. It was super elaborate with climbing nets and massive metal slides as well as dumbwaiter.
The playground was next to a soccer ball feild with mango tree's in an on base housing neighborhood. I was trying to see if I could find pictures of it on the internet but am having no luck. I'm not sure if the park still exists anymore.
My mother has chimed in it was near a youth center.
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I am a first time buyer. I want a keyboard that feels good while typing with, do not want clicky sound. I have very little knowledge about mechanical keyboards. Thanks
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2021.10.21 23:24 deathtolucky Is there a way to DCA into WBTC/wETH?

Looking to invest on a regular schedule into WBTC or wETH on Arbitrum. I’m saying Arbitrum just because fees are so low but I wouldn’t be opposed to doing the same thing on Polygon, or whatever. It’s just that Mainnet fees are crazy and prohibitive for smaller amounts. Is there an actual way to do what I want or do I just need to wait for ETH2.0? I would need to first send funds to a CEX but is there a way to send that money to DeFi or a L2 quickly/cheaply?
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can someone please help me - explicitly. i am so stressed about what to weabring/layers. i do not want to be cold or lug too much shit. i am woman lol
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2021.10.21 23:24 CleverPun420 Pro Tip: ALL bosses in dungeons drop Plunder Skulls, not just the main boss.

Just ran my first dungeon of the event. Originally I was under the impression just the main boss dropped skulls, so go grind some dungeons!
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I’ll explain, I will make a messenger group so we can take some tokes in a call 🍁🍁💯
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