Kids will never get to enjoy candy cigarettes the same way kids of yesteryear did.

2021.10.21 23:59 MemerThoughts Kids will never get to enjoy candy cigarettes the same way kids of yesteryear did.

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2021.10.21 23:59 SirFlamenco High Torque Gearing for Large Robots

Humanoid robots almost always seem to use 100:1 gear reductions. This poses a lot of problems for both proprioception and backdrivability. For exemple, they might have to use springs to try and reproduce the elasticity of human legs, or add more sensors which hinders processing time. If someone was to use 50:1 gearing, would that improve these aspects in any significant way?
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2021.10.21 23:59 kiyoboardasmr [US-MA][H] Rama U80 Port, Classy TKL, Square80, Green E8.5, Matrix CP Pad, GMK Rudy Dark Horse, IFK BoW [W] PayPal

Keycaps on the boards are not included. Shipping only to US. Shipping is included in the prices. Reply before PMing and no chat please.
Rama U80 Port - $1100 - Comes with internal dampener and 3 pcb/plate/muting kit. 1 pcb/plate/muting kit is built with l&f gateron milky yellows, others are unused. Weight has some tarnish.
Classy TKL - 650$ - Gray color. Built with l&f 8008 Inks on a PC plate with foam. Comes with an extra pcb and brass plate. Weight has micro scratches, which is how I got the board from gb.
E8.5 - 650$ - Green with PVD badge. Built with l&f 63.5g Nolives with UHMWPE stem. Comes with an extra aluminum plate, pcb and brass badge.
Square80 - 600$ - E-yellow. Comes with black and white plates and 1 pcb. Note that this gb was offered only with hotswap pcb, so pcb is hotswap. Also there are 2 small issues with the coating, which was how I got it from the gb.
Matrix XMas Starry Night CP Pad - 500$ - Built with Glorious Pandas.
IFK BoW - 90$ - Never mounted. Will be shipped in Ziploc bag. (This is not the Portico BoW. This is from the initial GB. TKC doesn't have the listing anymore but it contains all the keys here
GMK Rudy Dark Horse Alphas - 130$ - Never mounted. Will be shipped in Ziploc bag. (Note that unlike R2 which is running now, this only contains alphas rather than full base kit)
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2021.10.21 23:59 ftmthrowaway24 I walked outside for the first time after Top surgery

I felt fucking good. Holy shit. I wasn’t in my head. I was in the moment. It was as if the storm in my mind cleared and the sun came out. I wasn’t thinking about my chest. I wasn’t thinking about the wind pushing my shirt against my chest. No anxiety and no dysphoria for the first time in fucking forever. It was so euphoric. 10/10 recommend lol
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2021.10.21 23:59 ChuloDeJaguar Looking for Help with Flamelurker

I’m a Royal at level 48 and could use some help with Flamelurker. Thanks.
Server is N Virginia
Password is nobi55
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2021.10.21 23:59 Esker1 70NANO75UPA - 70” Version of the 75 series LG Nanocell. Does this have a VA or an IPS panel?

I’ve seen reviews on the 75” TV and they say that all the models have the IPS panel, but mysteriously, the 70” version is supposed to use a VA panel. I cannot find concrete evidence of this anywhere. Also, does anyone have this TV and can provide a brief review of TV and picture quality? Thanks!
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2021.10.21 23:59 TheActuary321 Fusing/Unsummoning 6* unwanted units.

Is there anyway to dismiss or fuse 6* unused units away? I have a few dupes that are 6* for fun in the past and can't seem to get rid of it.
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2021.10.21 23:59 TimNumber5 Beans and smoked trout

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2021.10.21 23:59 KevinSherrie Huge 😮

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2021.10.21 23:58 Hypx Hydrogen development in the US risks getting hung up on colour scheme

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2021.10.21 23:58 KHERRONALLO Two questions everyone, can I compete with a Red dot for fun, and how is the rifle cost computed? I’m building a 10/22 trying to go under the 1050 mark, I just worry I’ll still not be able to use it.

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2021.10.21 23:58 mortarnpistol My Nepenthes x Dyeriana

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2021.10.21 23:58 Fullyfl4red City Center - By Fully

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2021.10.21 23:58 KittyKatyiaV2 How’s your night going ? 🦋

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2021.10.21 23:58 kamtheman4 Buying options

Playing free version on destiny on steam. I’m now wanting to experience the full game so trying to figure out is there a bundle on steam that has all the expansions. Would getting the big witch queen edition give me all the expansions plus the new one?
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2021.10.21 23:58 Hydr0genMC if you're interested in joining a discord server for teens dm me

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2021.10.21 23:58 kukienboks “Dueling Banjos” sounds like siblings moving from curious foreplay to intense intercourse.

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2021.10.21 23:58 eatingcalamari MOS suggestions?

i’ve researched various jobs in the military, but the ones that seem like a good occupation require one to enlist for a long period of time. (IT related) i’m looking for a mos that only lasts for 2-3 years, not direct combat (preferably medical field, other suggestions are welcome) can someone help me out?
also, i’m in high school and kind of new to this process. i’m about to schedule a meeting with my recruiter but was wondering if y’all had any advice in general?
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2021.10.21 23:58 frankrizzo24 72 in Newark is about to get fancy…

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2021.10.21 23:58 Ashby_Kricheldorf F

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2021.10.21 23:58 Thr0waway0864213579 What’s your go-to comfort movie?

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2021.10.21 23:58 zhaosingse What faction did you unironically side with?

View Poll
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2021.10.21 23:58 RedRangerWitchCraft Excited to (hopefully) grab a Pudgy Pig tomorrow

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2021.10.21 23:58 visene 2 weeks notice before vacation

I hope this doesn’t break the sub rules. Please let me know.
I’ve been at this company for 6 months working as mid level IC. Overall there are 400 or so engineers, 10 on my team. I’ve done 3 large projects. Each project I worked with a tech lead who reviewed code and provided guidance, so my team is not in the dark regarding the code I’ve written.
The company (while successful) has made a lot of weird architecture decisions that makes development hell. I recently hit a breaking point and decided to quit. Coincidentally I have a week of pto starting next week. How bad is it to give 2 weeks notice the day before you’re on pto for 1 week? I’m not opposed to waiting and giving them the full 2 weeks and leaving on the best possible terms, but the work makes me so angry Id rather not.
I’d appreciate anyone’s input.
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2021.10.21 23:58 ZoolShop Robinhood crypto wallet waitlist hits 1 million people

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