2021.12.03 01:03 Sakura850 EU ODEIO TRABALHAR

Gente, eu faço estágio, e sério tá me desgastando muito. Estou cansada de viver! Eu só queria voltar ao ensino medio e ter como unica obrigação estudar. Pq estudar é uma delicia, agr trabalhar é foda. Sinto como se eu tivesse perdendo a minha vida, ela escapando pelos meus dedos, os dias são sempre iguais, levantar cedo e deitar tarde cansada. Parece q viver assim é preferível morrer. Eu sei que essa é a vida adulta! Mas pra mim é mt difícil de aceitá-la. Tenho vontade de largar tudo!
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2021.12.03 01:03 peachyyura Does anyone need a Sinking painting or Moody painting for their museum? 2 people can come and purchase them real quick before I save for the day

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2021.12.03 01:03 topological_rabbit If the post linked in the text was really removed for being "low effort", 90% of this subreddit would have to be deleted by the same rule.

The comments were hilarious and I'm calling out its removal as a mod acting in bad faith. C'mon, man, it was a good post.
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2021.12.03 01:03 dietsites Shopper sat in front of my house texting that she didn't see my number, then cancelled the order WHILE texting me. Basically stole everything. I have her car on RING camera the whole time. What do I do? Instacart not helping.

I tracked my order because I'm sick and disabled and get anxious because I don't have a car.
The shopper showed up (I could see her outside my living room window) and after a minute texts that she sees both the numbers on either side of me but not my house number. I immediately and frantically texted her with 15 seconds. No reply.
That makes no sense because my house is the one with lighted large house number. You can't miss it.
I threw on my sneakers and went out on porch while texting her. I saw her clearly as she was only 20 feet away in her car. I waved at her, saw her LOOK AT ME, and went back inside to put on my mask.
I then went back outside and she was gone.
She immediately canceled the order to boot. Does she get to keep all my food and (generous) tip?
Has been two hours of no help from instacart and now my card is wiped out because that was a big order and tip.
I also have a healing bleeding ulcer so this woman also drove off with medicine and special food to eat.
IDK to do. I'm so depressed now and have no one to help me get supplies and am now wiped out until that's refunded (5-10 days from now)
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2021.12.03 01:03 Fflightnurse Pod is back.

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2021.12.03 01:03 lazarus870 The instructor Alec Baldwin wishes he had

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2021.12.03 01:03 Glittering-Ball-4631 The Virgin SNES vs. The Chad Sega Genesis

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2021.12.03 01:03 DrMewNetwork The Regulars Should Do More Collabs

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2021.12.03 01:03 SallySmokes Like my videos on YouTube :)

Josh Allen Breakdown Video
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2021.12.03 01:03 DrcViews WWE Mayhem - A-Shop Guide

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2021.12.03 01:03 OatmealLips Did I add the airlock too late?

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2021.12.03 01:03 isaac99999999 Help with voice

I am having a problem with voice recognition. When I am playing with friends they can hear me in game, but both the ouiji board and spirit box have absolutely no response when I talk to them. The board wont answer questions or fail questions, and the box wont recognize that im talking. Does anyone know whats causing this?
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2021.12.03 01:03 SpecialistBarnacle23 Burberry belt 230Y

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2021.12.03 01:03 RoboVM Squeezing vs. India importing huge amounts. WTF?

Squeezing vs. India importing huge amounts. WTF? We are deep in the squeeze. The banks are our enemies and they manipulate everything. If you follow Ditch ( you have all the details and I won't go on.
What puzzles me JPM, BoA and others seem to struggle coming up with metal. At the same time India officially imports just massive amounts of silver in October and November. MUCH more then what we are talking about on the Crimex. And these are the offical India numbers. They also do a LOT of import via smuggling.
So where is this Silver for India coming from? How much do they pay? And why can't Banks like JPM not easily get that same Silver instead of India, even if they have to pay a slightly higher price.
It all doesn't make sense to me. Surely if JPM is so powerful and has such deep pockets, they could also get their hands on the same amount of metal as India does? Does India have some special contracts to get Silver directly from miners? How to explain all of this? We didn't have reports so far that anybody (especially not a country) couldn't get as much as they wanted. If there is this huge shortage how did India manage to get their hands on such huge amounts?
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2021.12.03 01:03 Sun_and_Shadow69 Zimzalabim zim zim zalabim zim zimzalabim zim ziiim

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2021.12.03 01:03 YoomerPanda Sean Hannity Praises Bernie's Ideas In Bizarre Smear Attempt

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2021.12.03 01:03 mollylovers Looking for help with a weird monitor issue

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2021.12.03 01:03 Im_Not_Impressed19 Soymin

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2021.12.03 01:03 Jonsis Post-infection foreskin problem (35yo, no pictures)

Hi there,
About five months ago I had a case of candida that lasted for about three months, to be precise, it lasted for about a month but left my foreskin very tight for two more months. Tight at the point that was almost too tight to retract. The peculiar thing was that it wasn’t tight in the area that covers the glans like in a phimosis scenario, but right underneath it. Try to imagine your foreskin covering your glans but having a tight ring of skin on the neck of your penis.
I thought it was just a normal process of the recovery from the infection and I was advised by a "professional" to gently stretch the tight area daily till it becomes soft again. And so I practiced daily stretches using warm water for about two/three weeks and it seemed to work.
As I mentioned in the beginning, this was about five months ago, and in this last two months I could clearly notice that those stretches now generated an excessive amount of foreskin (or to be more precise, it stretched more then it seemed it did due to a full recovery I imagine) on the neck of the penis, at the point that in full erection the glans is not completely unfolded due to the excess of loosed foreskin at the base of it. The previously tight ring of skin is now a ring of excessive loose skin.
My question is, is there a way to tighten up the stretched foreskin, or the foreskin in general, without recur to surgery?

If you need more details please DM me.
Thank you for your time.
General information:
Non smokenon drinker
I don’t have a history of family diseases
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2021.12.03 01:03 kaiharley my sim craig and a full moon in the backround

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2021.12.03 01:03 redskinsguy Things to dislike about NXT 2.0

So people have a lot of opinions on this show and I would like some details about why you classify this character or that one as something negative.
I'll even throw some in to show I'm willing
Von Wagner- he has a terrible look and is very awkward.
Andre Chase- to much time for a JTTS and the wrestling teacher gimmick is never terrible, but also never that good either
Lashing out with Lash Legend- I've barely listened to it so I have no opinion on Lash Legend herself but the show is totally unnecessary, as are any wrestling talk shows that don't lend themselves to atches easily
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2021.12.03 01:03 Less-South6293 [Spoilers Ep9] My Very Emotional Response to Arcane

I am a 19-year-old man. I have an older brother. He is 22, and he introduced me to Arcane. I have never felt as much from any piece of art, media, or literature as I have felt from watching this show. It has been 5 days since I finished my first viewing, and I still can’t stop thinking about it. I have watched it a second time now and have cried many times, both from watching and thinking about it. I feel distracted, deeply saddened, and a little dazed. In a lot of ways, I wish I hadn’t seen Arcane at all, and this is my attempt at reaching some closure. Also, be prepared for some very bad writing, as I’m writing this stream-of-consciousness style and have no intention to proof read or organize.
From the very start of Arcane, I related the most to Powder. This was partially because it was Thanksgiving and I was watching the show with my older brother, who I hadn’t seen in about four months. Naturally, then, seeing two sisters, I identified with the younger one. When Powder messed up their raid in Piltover (and was subsequently chastised for her inadequacy), it reminded me of playing games in the backyard with a pair of brothers, who’s parents were friends of ours. I always teamed up with the oldest of the brothers (who was in high school when I was in elementary school), as I was the youngest and thus physically inferior. Powder’s fear that she is inadequate mirrors a long-time source of anxiety for me. While in high school, my brother got a perfect score on the ACT and every AP test he took, achieved all As in the hardest classes available, secured two summer research internships, was the star of the school play, attended every state championship swim meet, got admitted to governor’s school, and was offered multiple full-ride scholarships to college. When I got to high school, it was extremely important to me that I have the same success, both to not let my parents down and to show that I was his equal. As such, I did every single thing that my brother did: the same internships, the same classes, the same grades, the same governor’s school, the same test scores (with the exception of the ACT—I was one point away there). I also made it to every state swim meet and was the star of the school play. In the end, I was offered a full ride to the school I am now attending, but—at the time—it seemed like the world would end if I failed, and my motivations were probably unhealthy. This feeling of inadequacy, again, reinforced my identification with Powder.
In episode 3, when Powder throws a temper-tantrum at not being included in the rescue mission, I imagined the countless times that I was not included in activities my brother did with his friends (and some of my own subsequent tantrums). At this point in the show, I still didn’t know that Arcane was a tragedy. As such, I was overjoyed to see that Powder was about to prove herself, by saving everyone with her (now working) bomb. This was the magic solution to inclusion I wish I had when I was younger. Once I realized the reality, I was crushed. Powder’s complete despair at the horrific consequences of her innocent actions, reminded me of a breakdown I had in high school when my poor decision making (albeit with the best of intentions) almost got me suspended, erasing any chance I would have had at getting a full ride. While Vi’s beratement and Powder’s fear of abandonment felt very realistic in general, it also reminded me of a time when my brother and I were fighting with sticks in the yard and eventually wound up in a real fight. I went too far and tried to seriously hurt him. I recall him bolting upright and charging at me, in a way that made me fear he would try to hurt me as much as I tried to hurt him. I ran as fast as I could and pleaded with him for mercy, knowing his worst would be far worse than mine. It was that moment of complete helplessness that reminded me of this scene. In real life, though, my brother chased me until he could hurt me, but did not actually follow through with his revenge (what a nice guy, right?). It is also worth mentioning, that it was at this point in the show that my brother remarked (in jest) that “this is what it’s like having a younger sibling: they always screw things up for you”. This comment—combined with everything else I have described—cemented my view of Vi as my brother and Jinx/Powder as me. Seeing the pair forcibly separated made me want—more than anything else from this show—for the sisters to be reunited.
The relatability of Arcane’s two protagonists continues into the second and final acts. When Jynx sees Vi hug Caitlyn, she becomes jealous and fears that Caitlyn will replace her. This event reminds me of being very upset and jealous when the aforementioned older brother (son of our parent’s friends) got a girlfriend and stopped coming over when the rest of his family did. In response to my proclamation that “I hate his girlfriend,” my mother explained this was natural, but I would have to learn to accept it. Many years later, when my brother started getting girlfriends, I was not very jealous of them because I had had this experience before. I knew that I had been there before them and would probably be there after them. When my brother went away for college, I could not be jealous of his girlfriend, as I was not there to spend time with him anyway. The only time I have been jealous of his girlfriend was when she has visited over a holiday break (when I thought I could catch up with my now distant brother). Ruminating on Jynx’s fear of replacement, however, has made me realize that one day, my brother will probably marry someone. While I don’t think marriage would necessarily stop me from being close to my brother, Arcane has certainly made me questions this. My parents live far away from all their siblings and do not visit—or even call—them often. Is it possible to reach middle age and still be close to your siblings? If not, is this due to marriage or just time? To both questions, I don’t know. These feelings are also complicated by the selfishness of it all. My brother getting married would be a great thing for him and would probably increase his long-term happiness. At the same time, a married couple has two families they could visit during the holidays. Regardless of the cause, Arcane makes me feel like I will lose the closeness I have with my brother, even if that is not true.
I am at the point in my life, where I will likely never live with my family again. My childhood is as dead as a doornail, and Arcane’s insistence on reminding me of it is heartrending. When Vi talks to Caitlyn in her bedroom, she mentions sharing a bed with Powder when she was little and playing games scaring each other. This, of course, reminds me of when I shared a bed with my brother in the basement of our family’s summer house in Montana. I remember playing games falling over on him, calling it “the leaning tower of Pisa.” I remember fighting over the covers and being pulled out of the bed, breaking my chin on a nearby chair. I remember the many days we spent building a café inside a tree, swimming at a nearby pond, and exploring an old brick-making factory. My parents recently sold that house.
Arcane’s soundtrack includes “Goodbye” by Ramsey. The song has the following lyrics:
Where is my home?
I don't recognize the faces anymore, no
Where is my friend?
The one I've known since I was only just a kid
I think it's time to say goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye, woah
It's time to say goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye…
When I hear “Where is my home? I don't recognize the faces anymore” I am reminded that for the first time in my life, I don’t live in the same city as my parents or any of my old friends. I am reminded that my parents are 23 years younger than the average life expectancy and likely wouldn’t see my potential kids past high school. When I hear “Where is my friend? The one I've known since I was only just a kid,” I am reminded of those summers in Montana with my brother. I am reminded of all the other friends that moved away or I grew distant from. And most of all, I am reminded that I probably won’t live near my brother again, and I definitely won’t spend as much time with my brother as I used to.
The rest of Arcane is seriously heartbreaking. The writers constantly give you hope that the sisters will reconcile, provide some obstacle that prevents this from happening, and then restore your hope, restarting the cycle. While this style is infuriating, it at least makes you think that the sisters will reconcile in the end, right? Not in this tragedy. In the end, Jynx recognizes that things are different from when they were kids, and they cannot be together again. This ending makes it feel inevitable that siblings will be separated, and again reminds me of the separation inherent to growing up.
My father (an artist) has told me on multiple occasions that he finds the art that makes you think the best. Arcane is certainly great art, but its central theme is the inevitability of losing your loved ones. While it is a sad story on its own, the fact that the loved ones in question are an oldeyounger-sibling pair and the changing reality of my life at this moment combine to create an experience that deeply affected and saddened me outside of the show. The relatability of Arcane’s protagonists made real life feel like a tragedy—at least for the moment—and for that I kind of dislike it. Ultimately, I’m not sure what this says about the show, or the extent to which this was intended by its creators.
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2021.12.03 01:03 ZoolShop Pixel Watch may arrive in Spring 2022 sporting a bezel-less design and Fitbit elements

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2021.12.03 01:03 Vet_student_2026 What do these go for nowadays?

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2021.12.03 01:03 Beary_Allen LC Bosh Christmas Day jersey

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