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Took in my friend's dog as a favor, now I feel like I'm being taken advantage of.

2021.12.03 01:23 seaking_katts Took in my friend's dog as a favor, now I feel like I'm being taken advantage of.

Hi! At the beginning of the summer, my friend approached me about taking in his dog temporarily. I asked a lot of questions about the behaviors of this dog. Everything I was told seemed fine. In August, I ended up getting the dog and made sure to make an agreement with my friend. Those agreements were that he had to come see his dog as much as he possibly can. He agreed and said he would pay for food and vet bills etc. He hasn't really seen his dog since September.
I'm getting a little fed up as well because his dog has been getting a lot more behaviors, like begging for food. I then just decided he couldn't be in the kitchen. That worked out for maybe a month and then he just keeps coming in the kitchen even after you kick him out. I talked to my friend about this and he was kind of like "oh well". Which is frustrating. So I brought up that maybe the dog shouldn't be living in my house and he said he'd find somewhere for him to go.
I have brought this conversation up a couple of times since then and he still doesn't have an idea or a plan. This week he's just been peeing on the floor when he doesn't want to do something. I talked to my friend about this and he didn't seem all that bothered. I said that I don't know if I can realistically keep him anymore and I don't want to destroy our friendship because of his dog. He said he'll figure out something asap.
I don't think he's acting maliciously. But I can't help but feel like I got dumped with this dog and I'm being taken advantage of.
So my question is: How can I best go about this and not cause a larger riff in our friendship?
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2021.12.03 01:23 Numerous-District-76 How are we going to improve AMS and SolutionWorks (and some general software)?

*I was a support associate for about four years and ~18 months ago left support. Things may have improved but I'm going to bet if anything it has gotten worse. "Reminiscing" on the support days may have been what has triggered this cluster of a post
In my current role at Cerner, I work a good bit with Epic and their support people (TS I think?). I am pretty astonished at how much better Epic has done support than us. The Epic analysts tend to have an idea of what they are talking about and actually provide helpful information. The relationship between the Epic analysts and the client seem much friendlier. They are prompt in communication (even if just to say "Hey! We are still looking into this").
As an ex-support associate and a current "internal client" to support I have so many frustrations with the support processes and the overall support org
1) We need to pivot away from focusing entirely on close goals. Yes, I get we need to measure productivity. However, the emphasis on close goals often leads to clients feeling like we don't care about their issues. It looks like we are just wanting to move on to the next thing, which can impact client satisfaction.
I found in times when a client had a really frustrating issue, it was better to offer to leave the ticket open for a little bit to ensure things were working. I usually received a satisfied survey. Not that my managers cared. The associate on my team who was an ass with poor client sat was viewed as a better associate while I frequently closed less but with a much higher satisfied %. Annoying.
2) Some of the communication metrics are moronic. Associates shouldn't have to spend time in their day to send daily "still looking into this responses" to prevent hitting 24 hours of no comm or whatever. An issue in train can wait more than 24 hours and I know sending too many generic emails on a ticket pisses the client off.
2) Train people to stop asking "Are we good to close this?" after months on sitting on a ticket and doing no work. As someone who often had 80+ tickets, I get things can take a while to be worked on, but doing nothing for months and asking for the close is a good way to piss clients off. At least pretend you want to be helpful.
3) Actually provide support teams with boundary documents. These should not be things being worked on by only support. IP teams should likely be involved in this effort to. Stop saying every summer that it's going to happen.
4) I know this isn't plausible but god I wish we could get rid of AMS or most aspects of it (like change config but keep SLA). CommWx wouldn't work without AMS. However, if you call yourself a health system or network and have hundreds of beds, you should have employees who have familiarity with Cerner and can build a nursing unit.
There is too much scope creep in AMS and weird contract clauses for it to be efficient. So many change tickets are drug out for months because the client is using AMS config teams to do their project for them. Also, hate hate HATE the fact that we can get end user tickets from a client helpdesk if they interface with our ticketing system. I get what we might have been intending...helping with things like "Powerchart gives me an error when I click this button" but issues can quickly turn technical. We can't put in a change just because a physician wants something to work a certain way and when we have technical questions they can't (and shouldn't be) answer those questions. Trying to find a technical resource on the client side can be like pulling teeth. Also, we should never be getting tickets from clinicians for a SWx client.
Nobody seems to know what AMS is either. As a consultant I have to frequently tell other consultants that they need to pony up and be doing certain things. Some client's expect AMS to be a full fledged "Cerner does every little thing through AMS support/config deal". If client's see AMS as an "opportunity" to fire all their competent analysts, that is a problem. It makes no sense to me. It feels like the technical equivalent of opening a large hospital and only hiring a janitor. I know the C-Suite likely set some of those absurd expectations to woo clients, but it's just negatively impact the client. Work should be done with large AMS client's to ensure expectations on what they get with AMS. If a client elects to not renew an AMS contract, we need some sort of contract signed with blood stating that they are no longer going to be receiving service they have elected to not pay for.
5) IP should not be releasing any functionality without documentation in a wiki for the solution page. Sometimes it's appropriate to make it internal, which is fine. However, it's hard for people to support a solution when you have a piece of functionality with no documentation for them to check. If it's a dropdown, setting, etc. it should be explained on the applications wiki page. Too much time is wasted on tickets because support associates have to guess their way through how something works or should work.
6) Require solution changes and defects to actually provide a meaningful description/info. It was almost never easy to easily determine existing defects in support. Yes, I could easily go look at known issues and enhancements for a package but using a description like "Changes to big chunk of solution that is very broad" is unhelpful. I've seen defects before because even the info in the Jira was so vague that the engineer who wrote the code misunderstood what they were trying to accomplish.
7) Stop letting client "analysts" with no tangible proof they are familiar with Cerner software log tickets. Often times, it's like giving your elderly relative administrator permissions and they go install 15+ spyware toolbars.
I won't just throw Cerner under the bus here. Many client's who do this know they are doing this and are ok with the fact they they may impact production. These issues can frustrate end users and we all know they are going to say "Oh Cerner's fault". However, we are enabling them. We take away the time our support associates should be using to work real production issues to do a job of someone who probably is paid more than them.
I haven't heard of an Epic analyst in any of their modules who did not have their certification or whatever. In my experience, they are typically less reliant on support and can handle more simple tasks on their own.
8) Our software needs to be able to be locked down. Obviously we have this for end users. However, it needs to be easier for client's to delegate access to some functionality or for us to lock access to build tools if a user is not certified/trained with the software or shouldn't have access for licensing purposes.
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2021.12.03 01:23 AmbitiousCulture1450 Would you ever take back someone who cheated?

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2021.12.03 01:23 Olandsexport Practicing photography

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2021.12.03 01:23 nothrow1305 Join the WE LOVE NUDES! Discord Server!

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2021.12.03 01:23 Different_Duck5306 (Xbox) Looking for a pretty active crafting guild that helps new players

So I’ve come to the point where I’m just having overall bad luck getting gear while leveling, I’m a pretty new player but played back at launch. Just hoping to find an active and helpful crafting guild that helps people (even for funds or materials, etc.) Any help would be super awesome!
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2021.12.03 01:23 sprite-enthusiast Asked about my love life and got an interesting set of cards

I’m nearing adulthood and I was curious to see what I could do to step into new relationships.
My cards never really liked love questions so I rarely ask but today I got some cool cards and would love to hear your thoughts!
First card: The Lovers. What seems like is that im deciding and really settling in my beliefs and getting ready to face the romance world with what I do and don’t like (?? This one confused me)
Second card: The Emperor. Basically coming into my confidence so I won’t be a doormat. I’m very timid sometimes and I let things slide when they shouldn’t, do this seems like a callout in being firm in what I say and such.
Third card: Page of pentacles. This one stumped me too but I think it means that I need to set goals within a relationship? I’m unsure, let me know what you think!
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2021.12.03 01:23 Annoymous-123 Armed Ryan

Armed Ryan
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2021.12.03 01:23 ChyatlovMaidan Sketchup - any extension let me export a UV map?

Like the question says: I can build a model in Sketchup and paint it up real pretty, but I don't know if I there is any way I can export my model's paint-job as a single, UV-unwrapped image (The program I am importing to, Tabletop Simulator, only applies one image as a texture for the whole model). I know WrapR exists but I don't have that kind of money - anything out there that can help me?
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2021.12.03 01:23 PomegranatePuzzled82 I’m freaking SCARED

Okay so I’m going to a work party and it’s the first time they will see me out of uniform without a mask. However I happen to be extremely gap toothed. Normally, I don’t care at all who sees my teeth or what ppl think about them because that’s the way I was born so🤷🏽‍♀️ but since none of them have seen the my whole face and teeth I’m finding it difficult to be okay with them seeing me. I’ve briefly taken off my mask and some have seen my teeth but most haven’t. I don’t know if I’m embarrassed or just very shy. Like I said, it’s never been a secret before obviously so I had no reason to care or be shy but I’m scared now. Idk. Im scared my coworkers will treat me differently once they see how fucked I look. Ahhhh should I not go to the party?
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2021.12.03 01:23 jiyannareeka ONEWE - 별 (STAR) @ KBS Cool FM BTOB's Kiss The Radio (211201)

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2021.12.03 01:23 cookiemonster597 Chess.com rates my fork an excellent move

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2021.12.03 01:23 Exastiken U.S., EU and allies hit Belarus with coordinated sanctions

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2021.12.03 01:23 S0SYNagato [WTS] Krytac Vector and Trident, GBB Pistols, Upgraded Helios F4, PTS Masada, and gear lot


Tokyo Marui FN57 GBB
Bought Brand New about 9 months ago, and sparingly used as a secondary indoors only. Works great and has 1 extra mag. Chronoed at ~300FPS w/ .20 on GG. $220
WE Tech Desert Eagle w/ Black Sheep Arms Cerakote (Cyrex)
A second hand WE Tech Desert Eagle with Cerakote by Black Sheeps Arms shoots fine but the mag leaks slowly overtime don't know why. Unchronoed $170
SAI Blu Glock w/ APS Action Carbine Kit
SAI Blu Glock w/ APS Action Combat Carbine, 3 boneyard C02 glock mags, 1 working GG mag. The gun was used by a friend of mine for a few months. The Action Combat Carbine didn't fit right when we got it so we sanded and modified the kit to work with the pistol. Since the fitment is not precise there was a lot of wear on the slide and sometime doesn't fully go into battery. However, outside of the kit the pistols works fine. Chronoed ~310FPS with .20 on GG $180
Krytac Trident SPR
Krytac Trident SPR AEG in grey. Bone stock gun with minor scuffs. Will include mock suppressor Chronoed ~400FPS w/ .20. $320
EMG Helios F4
EMG Helios F4 AEG w/ aftermarket inline Mosfet, Maxx Trigger, bulldog black python tightbore barrel, and working red/green sight. Missing fire selector switch on left hand side. Ambi fire selector still works and can change guns fire mode. Chronoed ~305FPS w/ .20 $310
Krytac Vector AEG
Krytac Vector AEG w/ Speed Competition blade trigger, 1 mid cap mag and Acetech BT Tracer unit. Has some minor scuffs, but shoots great. $450
PTS Masada (ACR) GBBR. Bought this gun second hand and replace the outer barrel with the CQB 11.5" barrel, added a CQB valve for indoor use, and a TNT APS-X hopup and 6.03 inner barrel set. This gun shoots surprisingly well as I just used it for a Milsim event. Also comes with 6 working mags, all the old parts including full length outer barrel, stock air valve, and 1 boneyard mag. $650
Drago Gun Bag
Drago Dual 36" Gun Bag. Good Shape no major tears or rips. $80
Unknown Brand Plate Carrier
My very first plate carrier in mulitcam. Don't know the brand but has served me will for about 9 years. No major rips, but is worn and faded. The velco holds well, and the pouches aren't ripped. $70
Noveske Tracer Unit
Noveske Tracer unit. Works with green but not so well with red BBs. 14mmCCW $60
Povast Flashlight
Povast Tact Flashlight and mount works, but the pressure switch cable is torn out so a replacement switch is needed. $10
Various Gear listed below
Various gear including gloves $10, matrix battle belt $20, unknown brand tact vest $20, right hand drop leg pistol holster $10, a velco folded admin pouch with patches $15, a triple stacked m4/ak mag pouch $15, valken face mask free, , unknown brand red dot sight untested because no battery $20.
All prices are negotiable and include shipping unless its really far. I can also provide shooting videos if requested. I am also willing to accept a trades for a HPA Air Rig Set for an P* F2.
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2021.12.03 01:23 The-Adster Brown Recluse? Or Common House Spider? Live in Southwestern US.

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2021.12.03 01:23 banco666 Real life counterparts/influences for the show

Some thoughts:
Connor-Similar to Murdoch's first kid who says she always feels in the shadow of the more doted on kids from the second marriage.
Logan-Roy-Obviously News Corp
Logan-The way he treats his kids might be closest to Robert Maxwell. Rupert Murdoch is a much better father than Logan from what I can tell.
Shiv-Close to Elizabeth Murdoch. Tom is a bit similar to one of her husbands (matthew freud - Yes THAT Freud family) with the social climbing etc
Pierces-Bancroft family obviously.
Kendall-the rap fascination and the look of him remind me of James Murdoch but otherwise James Murdoch seems pretty well adjusted compared to Kendall.
Any other suggestions?
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2021.12.03 01:23 dangerous_dylan I can't deny it

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2021.12.03 01:23 paizuriislife Wondering what a quirk does

There is a sadistic quirk called 'improved base ITOPOD PPP' it's effect adds 10 base ppp to ITOPOD rewards, maybe this is just my retardation at work again, but what exactly does that entail?
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2021.12.03 01:23 Gandsome Power company challenge

Any tips on “shock a set of 4 or more Spartans” challenge?
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2021.12.03 01:23 Specialist_Sir_8953 They say capitalism encourages innovation and entrepreneurship but how are you supposed to innovate and create a business in a world of conglomerates ran by billionaires?

If you work even 40 hours a week then factor in sometimes fucking MASSIVE commutes if you're poor. Then the chores you have to do yourself. How are you supposed to innovate if you cant afford a washing machine. Seriously. The west has created a culture of working like dogs for scraps.
There is no other way to say it. When you have to sacrifice many, many, many years of your life to even start to compete on a slightly more level playing field. Your shirt rips sew that shit if you can't afford one. What about not being able to afford to pay your land baron who can kick you out of your home which can lead to death, destitution and desperation. You can't afford to pay the doctor at the hospital they will literally tell you to get out or phone the police to remove you. They can afford to pay animals and thugs to remove you and beat you but free healthcare. That's crazy could never happen.
Americans waste half of all food their country produces and consumes. yet love fast food which encourages the literal suffering of billions of real suffering creatures. Just to make some numbers bigger for the dopamine addict monkeys on wall street. Plus its a massive factor in the obesity problem. Think about how the culture encourage fast food. Long ass commutes. Fuck you work forever. Cheaper, tastier, louder, brighter. They are constantly trying to manipulate you into buying their product which they know kills many of the people who eat it. If you didn't work so much I don't think you would eat shit.
It's not even the American populace fault. They are reacting to the circumstances created by their shitty government. Shitty is a understatement. Its literally a joke. England is literally a joke. They don't care at all. It's laughable. When the entire media narrative of reality itself is controlled by a select few companies run by a select few people they literally create a reality and we live in it. It's all bullshit. Look at Australia there news media is 40% owned by one corporation and ran by one man. RUPERT MURDOCH. This man has changed history so much its probably incalculable and unfathomable. I wouldn't say it has been for the better though would you?
Capitalism does not fuel innovation EXCEPT if you're rich. Then you can do what the fuck you want. You're rich so you're free to innovate and profit from the proletariat selling their labour to the rich in order to survive. There is no limit literally to the extremes these people will go to. It won't stop unless the economy collapses or they are massively taxed like 90+ minimum. I don't care how hard right you are. You are just an idiot if you bootlick these literal cartoon supervillains.
I don't think it's unreasonable for having Some of your literally UNIMAGINABLE fortune stripped from you when you're literally playing god with the lives on men, women, children animals, the literal four seasons that enabled life to evolve the way it has. They bomb people because the machines show smaller numbers when less bombs drop. Who knew war was good for business? Many many many people for a long long time. So you are capitalist. You promote war. War is waged on the citizens in every city every day. They are beaten and abused. They are killed. They shoot innocent people and can resign with a fat pension and paid leave. They are allowed to unionise. They can make literally 300k+ a year. How? They are literally animals.
It's like watching a primitive caveman interact in human society to see the police act "protect and serve" they don't protect and serve you at all. They protect and serve property. Property always has and always will be unless a revolution happens be more important than life. Due to the fucked up degeneracy of politicians, capitalists and businessmen around the world.
Slavery is written into the constitution. If you commit crime you are made into a slave. What's more a crime to you. Throwing food into dumpsters to be wasted and locking them so hungry people cant eat. Or breaking in and eating because your starving because FOOD ISN'T FREE. You get arrested and go to jail. Unless you become a servant/slave you will end up destitute. Unless you're exceptionally lucky, work till near death or a genius. Average people don't get far. The system is a caste system rigged against almost everyone. And don't think of yourself as a worker. You are a slave if you can't afford to quit your servitude. It may be only temporary. Could have a lucky break. But how many people do? It's as simple as that
What always gets me is this simple line of logic. If the workers killed the boss would they be able to run the business? Maybe maybe not. What about if the business man killed all the workers? Ahahahahahh no they couldn't. We make their life. We do everything. They oarasite . But as soon as robots can replace us we are just taking up space on THEIR land we live in their world.
Jeff Bezos literally wants to ship industries into space. Let me guess poor fucks get shipped out the rich stay here to enjoy the newly found space. Unless Jeff Bezos and other billionaire villains have a change of heart or workers get to unionise worldwide, both extremely fucking unlikely, then we're fucked. We'll create robots to replace ourselves. Then unless we can colonise the galaxy we are just taking up valuable space that could be used for the riches leisure and the robot servant factories. We we will be extraneous to them. They have control over our lives and you know it. What will they do when it's more profitable to let us all die. Or accelerate our demise. Oh wait that's already happening.
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2021.12.03 01:23 GinyuForce420 Who else is celebrating their birthday tomorrow? December babies assemble!

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2021.12.03 01:23 Mudbogpro Best f&f?

Reddit only allowed me to have 6 options so if the one you think is the best isn’t listed then just say it in the comments
View Poll
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2021.12.03 01:23 Revolutionary-Word49 Okay, which Serina organism tastes the best? (This is a bit dumb lol)

I’m betting the Thorngrazers do, they seem like they would make great steak.
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2021.12.03 01:23 Environmental_Egg347 Legit organization to donate to?

I'd like to contribute to a service dog organization, preferably in the category of seeing eye dogs. Does anyone have any insight to this? Thanks!
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2021.12.03 01:23 parkel42 We need more RGB

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