If you could go back in time and say something to anyone at any point in time what would you say and to who?

2022.01.26 02:14 CaPtain_Choc_choker If you could go back in time and say something to anyone at any point in time what would you say and to who?

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2022.01.26 02:14 mrdenizkrtl 2005 🇯🇵 🇫🇮Kimi Raikkonen - 🇬🇧Mclaren Mercedes I think Kimi's greatest win from P17 to P1, overtaking Fisichella on the last lap.

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Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.26 02:14 phyphyisnotsmart Thoughts on Human Resource Management

Hello! Thoughts for Bachelor of Human Resource Management?
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2022.01.26 02:14 swandive78 Don't Do That If You're Not Prepared For The Consequences

When you stand close,
Hairs on the nape of my neck
Stand up and tingle.
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2022.01.26 02:14 CSPT_NBAHighlights [Highlight] Kristaps Porzingis Has Been Ejected For Kicking Ball

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Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.26 02:14 Cortnelius Universities that offer AA or Bachelor's degrees fully online?

I'm an international student that would like to study at a Canadian university but stay where I'm at.
I'm doing research via the internet but wanted to ask those already attending uni in Canada / those that all's have done this research.
Trying to cover all bases and I feel like I'm not finding a lot of options for a completely online degree program.
I'll of course do the footwork to research tuition, etc. Would like to major in either: Communication, Journalism, Liberal Arts or I'm open to English and Anthropologie. So lots to choose from 😁
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2022.01.26 02:14 ddanarose F. And Yes! 30 looks this good 😌

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2022.01.26 02:14 JLillin What I wish Vaush told Kyle re: Transracialism & Transness

I really enjoyed Vaush's conversation with Kyle Kulinski, and I think that by and large the V-man does great work explaining broad strokes of (most) gender issues, and Kyle always strikes me as a good-faith learner. I think, however, there was a missed opportunity to hone in on some of the specifics surround the comparison of "transracialism" to the transgender experience, and I wanted to provide some tools and analogies that could be useful.
In terms of background, I graduated from a SUNY school with degrees in English, Acting, and Sex & Gender studies. I was worried people wouldn't get the clue after picking just one traditionally gay major so I picked all three. During my education the Rachel Dolezal thing exploded, and there was a lot of great discussion in the S&G department about what the most effective rhetoric to counter transracial/transgender comparisons was. I think Vaush's point about gender being biological and cultural vs. race just being cultural is an interesting way of tackling it, but when you consider that many trans folk do not medically or surgically transition many people throw the argument out the window.
The whole point of "transracial" grifters using this particular language is to DELIBERATELY obfuscate and conflate the point, because before this discourse "transracial" was a term almost exclusively used to describe situations where parents adopted a child of a different race. Kat Blaque has a great video on it, and it's worth a watch. The thing is, Sex & Gender scholars have been in their dojos for decades honing their blade against "Trans-age activists", AKA pedophiles who have, for decades, been arguing that age is a social construct like gender ergo let me at them rugrats.
I don't want to craft a full essay here, but just some quick points. Oops I wrote a shitload. Hopefully it's worth your time. There are, as Vaush points out, examples of transgender identities being core to cultures in every single continent for all of recorded history. In the Americas they were lumped together as "berdache", basically a slur, now are captured under the "Two Spirit" umbrella, which similarly oversimplifies hundreds of different tribal categories and gender systems across North and South America, each with their own traditions, practices, and beliefs. There are the Kinnar) of India, the Galli of Rome (and the Roman EmperoEmpress Elagabalus), and the Igbo and Mbuti tribes of Africa that assign gender after 5 or 13 (respecitvely) depending on the "energy" of the child. Nearly every nation on earth has corresponding precolonial gender deviations and norms that can be understood on their own merits and in general absolutely fucking rock to read and learn about.
We probably all understand that Race is a construct, and Gender is a construct, and, in its own way, Sex is a construct. When we say construct we mean "complicated human cultural and biological category clusterfuck thingy", but hey, guess what, so is almost every category and thing, it doesn't mean they're identical and we can't throw up our hands and suck Jacques Derrida's giant postmodernist schlong until we give up on language all together. "Transracialist" grifters WANT you to give up on this and equate everything and have specifically designed their arguments to be tricky and to manipulate your intuition, so I'm not mad at all for Kyle for having a hard time with the distinction.
So, here's my general way to frame the argument. Let's look at the history of transgenderism across all of recorded human culture, and ask ourselves "how did all of these cultures come up with different cultural gender roles despite being relatively isolated by land and sea for millennia? could it be that anime was invented millennia before we think it was and turned everyone trans?" Honest answer is that, well, it really was different for everyone! We might understand these roles as most similar to how we understand "gender", but cultures all had different roles and expectations for its members already, and combined with intersex people, eunuchs, people who just had wildly different VIBES and attractions and spirits, and everyone found language and concepts to help identify and guide their thoughts around it differently. At its core, all we can tell is that people throughout history have presented and identified in ways wildly differently than we understand now in our time and place, some had what we can now recognize as gender dysphoria, some didn't, but it seems to be a human universal.
We get NOTHING of the sort when examining how people like Rachel Dolezal are claiming to be "transracial," because the simplest thought experiment renders it absolutely unimaginable. Ask yourself, for instance, how many alpaca farmers in Teotihuacán in 500AD woke up just knowing they were meant to be swagged out Chinese Tang soldiers crushing the Gaya Federation under their heel. None. Because how the fuck could they? Race and gender both clearly have "cultural" components, but when Vaush dilutes it to this the argument isn't as strong as we may wish it was because yes, they're cultural constructs, but in clearly different ways.
It actually is okay to defer to the historical examples here! Most conservatives today argue that transness and homosexuality are new things brought about by the decadent buttfucking global left, and the thing about that is, they're wrong. The weight of history and historical example does give us reason to be quite sympathetic to trans lives, and quite unsympathetic to people trying to be "transracial" like Rachel Dolezal.
Because here's the thing, transracialism does exist, in the way that transracial adoptive families have existed. What Dolezal embodies however, is a desire to have a deeply TRANSCULTURUAL existence PLUS a whole lot of blackface. There have been people sharing, appreciating, and adopting one another's cultures for EVER, it's a core component of the immigrant experience, it's a core driver of humanity, period. There are complicated discussions in different American communities about the mixed race experience, "passing priviledge", and whether or not celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande are doing the 'just the tip' version of blackface in their cosmetic and surgical makeovers, but that's not the conversation Dolezal wants you to have.
Vaush points out Channel 5's Hoff Twins Documentary, which is well worth a watch, to highlight an interesting transcultural experience which is also, in a sense, transracial on the communal level. At no point do the twins claim to be literally black or transracial, just two white boys who have the same culture as the people around them. It's culture influence by current day American blackness, rap culture, lower-income culture, Californian culture, and they all intersect and touch on each other in complicated ways. They use the n-word, but NEVER claim to be black or """transracial""" in the way Dolezal describes.
People usually don't mention this, but Dolezal is also CLEARLY FUCKING NUTS. She said she was born to a black father, that she was born in and lived in a teepee in South Africa, had to hunt for food with a bow and arrow, and would, on family game night, play chess using lima beans instead of chess pieces, all of which was, obviously, a lie. She exhibits the traits of a person with a SEVERE personality disorder and an incredible lying complex, and we should not trust her when she claims to be representative of a huge population of hidden transracial white people who knew they were black ever since they were kids.
Here is the hidden truth about Rachel, as I understand her. I looked at the US Census data for Lincoln Country, Montana, where Dolezal was born, and it has a near zero-percent black population at the time of her birth. But what she did have was, from what we can tell, a really fucked up upbringing. She has ONE biological sibling, and then THREE adopted African American siblings and one Haitian adopted sibling. Her older brother, Joshua Dolezal, is a respected professor, poet and author who wrote a book called "Down from the Mountaintop: From Belief to Belonging" which describes an INCREDIBLY fucked up childhood under their 'cult-like' Christian parents who beat them and weaponized the bible like a bat wrapped in barb wire. She would even go on to sole custody and legal guardianship of her adopted brother Izaiah Dolezal who was beaten horribly along with his siblings and was threated with being sent to a group home at any sign of disobedience.
Rachel was, in some measures, also quite smart. She was a co-valedictorian of her High School with a 4.0, won art scholarships. She went to Howard University (SUPER historically black college in the US), and graduated with an MFA summa cum laude in 2002 after submitting thesis paintings from the point of view of a black man. She also claims to have been sexually assaulted by a trusted mentor at Howard, which may have happened. She also later claimed to be sexually assaulted when younger by her brother Joshua Dolezal, which seems like it probably didn't happen. She also sued Howard in 2002 for discriminating against her for being white and preferring the work of African American students over her and her... work about what the African American experience might be like...?
So, the truth about Rachel? She's just really fucked up! She's really, really, really fucked up and is fucked up from childhood and fucked up from her parents and just really totally fucked up! Her view on race? Fucked up! Her view on herself? Fucked up! She's lived a crazy dishonest abuse-ignited disaster life, and hey, turns out every couple years when we hear of a new person claim to be transcultural + please let me do blackface it winds up being a not-too different situation.
I clearly got too excited and wrote way too much, but hopefully somebody gets a little use out of it, because I feel like the topic is really misunderstood in a lot of ways. We determine what identities we care about, how "valid" they are, and how much social cache we should give them through a lot of things. Historical precedence matters a ton, universal applicability matters a ton, and reasonability matters a ton.
TLDR: Rachel Dolezal is a liar, transracial doesn't mean what she wants you to think it means, and I don't think we actually are heading towards a future where we understand being "transracial" in a way that is at all closer to how Dolezal wants us to. Instead we might universally come to understand the complexities of race in the way a lot of transcultural and multiracial people already do today. Vawsh is pretty good on this, I think the arguments could be even better.
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2022.01.26 02:14 geo_jam 64 years later, Alfred Hitchcock's movie "Vertigo" (1958), inadvertently highlights how virtually no new housing has been built in North Beach.

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2022.01.26 02:14 CSPT_NBAHighlights [Highlight] Anthony Edwards scores a 3-pointer for his 26th point of the game, to tie it up for the Wolves late in the 3rd.

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2022.01.26 02:14 Save_my_grades UTSC Health Insurance

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to use the UTSC health insurance.
For context, I’m a Canadian citizen and didn’t opt out for the health and dental insurance. I’m looking to try mental health counselling. How do I proceed?
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2022.01.26 02:14 alle15minuten Gerade ist es January 26, 2022 at 06:14AM

Gerade ist es January 26, 2022 at 06:14AM
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2022.01.26 02:14 Isbo2000 Also, on the other hand

If you base your whole personality off of the fact that you are in a relationship/close friendship
It will hurt hellova lot more when you break up/arnt friends anymore
And you will be like probably scared from it even or smth
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2022.01.26 02:14 Soft-Comfort-7474 We know that he’d proud of you Mitsuya 😔

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Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.26 02:14 VariedJourney 25F, CBD + Ovarian Cyst Issues.

25F, 5'3, about 125lbs (unsure), African America.
For over a year (since September of 2020), I've been having reoccurring, large, functional ovarian cysts. Took 5 months to become diagnosed. Due to mental health issues, I couldn't find it in myself to continue seeing a physician. Trying to get started again very soon.
I wanted to ask if I should be cautious/concerned if I were to begin taking CBD? Can CBD harm me, if I'm currently dealing with this issue? I'm looking to ease my emotional distress temporarily, to encourage myself to get help.
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2022.01.26 02:14 Motor-Ad-8858 China's Communist Party expels former boss of Hangzhou for graft

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