Raising hypocrisy to an art form.

Senior Tories have accused Sir Keir Starmer of being an 'absolute hypocrite' over the Downing Street party row. Sir Keir has slammed Boris Johnson over revelations about Covid rule-busting events ... The UC Davis Child Life and Creative Art Therapy Department will host Remembering Together: Virtual Bereavement Art Group, focusing on grief and processing loss through self-expression and art for children this month. The group dates and time will be based on age: Ages 6-11: Jan. 19 & 26 and Fe The Daily Mail – which worried that the “complicated structure” of the Sussex businesses showed that “Meghan planned to keep her and Harry’s business as opaque as possible” – is owned by Daily Mail General Trust, which was until 2020 owned by a holding company called Rothermere Continuation Limited, which was incorporated in Bermuda. . This was renamed Rothermere Continuation ... Turning Entitlement Into An Art Form. Art Gallery, Art/Design, Clients From Hell, Impossible Demands, Overtime, USA | Right | December 10, 2021. I run an art gallery which is located in a repurposed shopping mall. One reason why so many galleries advertise their hours as “by appointment” is because most of us can’t get all of our ... Joan Didion, a virtuosic prose stylist who for more than four decades explored the agitated, fractured state of the American psyche in her novels, essays, criticism and memoirs, and who as one of ... Union Hypocrisy: Organized Labors Double Standard In Business And Politics|R M Smith custom-written needs. 's services, on the other hand, is a perfect match for all my written needs. The writers are reliable, honest, extremely knowledgeable, and the results are always top of the class! - Pam, 3rd Year Art Visual Studies Australian church slammed for ‘hypocrisy’ after sacking Covid-vaccinated worker A Byron Bay woman has hit out at her former employer, claiming she was terminated for getting a Covid jab in a ... Biden hypocrisy in shooting messenger While addressing world leaders at his recent Summit for Democracy, US President Joe Biden stated that democracy was under threat from dictators (“Biden puts ... Tu quoque (/ tj uː ˈ k w oʊ k w i, t uː ˈ k w oʊ k w eɪ /; Latin Tū quoque, for "you also") is a discussion technique that intends to discredit the opponent's argument by attacking the opponent's own personal behavior and actions as being inconsistent with their argument, therefore accusing hypocrisy.This specious reasoning is a special type of ad hominem attack. "Whataboutism" is one ... Hypocrisy is the practice of engaging in the same behavior or activity for which one criticizes another or the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform. In moral psychology, it is the failure to follow one's own expressed moral rules and principles. According to British political philosopher David Runciman, "Other kinds of ...

2022.01.26 02:33 EugeneWong318 Raising hypocrisy to an art form.

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2022.01.26 02:33 p11nerd Where to find Spiderman Bridge Battle

I’ve seen a lot of people have gotten this polybag early and I really want to get my hands on it for a moc, this is my favorite scene from that movie. Anyone have any tips or secret knowledge?😂
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2022.01.26 02:33 danPgaming What are the best methods for getting around campus?

New spring admit freshman here. Some of my classes are on opposite ends of the campus, so was wondering what are some of the best ways of getting from class to class?
I see skateboards a lot, scooters, and bicycle as well. I hope I can get some suggestions on what you guys use and where to buy them if possible!
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2022.01.26 02:33 Gondothlim12 WTB [US-ME] LCT Black plastic upper gas tube cover.

This is what I'm looking for.
If you recently Zenitco'd your LCT AK and have one sitting around, I'll do ten dollars plus shipping.
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2022.01.26 02:33 Rularuu A really long essay about a gem called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (SPOILERS)

Super long post ahead.
Just as a bit of background: I’m a straight white guy who isn’t all that into musicals - I only mention this because I am very much not the demographic this show was aimed at.
Like many people, I stumbled upon Crazy Ex-Girlfriend a few years ago after running into some clip on YouTube and recognizing Rachel from “Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury.” I started it up, got hooked and watched the first three seasons on Netflix just before the fourth one released, but for various reasons I didn’t watch season 4 as it released.
Over the past couple weeks I finally bit the bullet and ended up binge rewatching the first three seasons to refresh my memory and then finished out the show.
So here are some of my thoughts about the show, finally finishing it almost three years after its actual conclusion. (Oh, and if you missed all the other signs, yeah, this whole thing is all spoilers).
The name of the game here is character development - and this show does it better than almost anyone else. Pretty much every character starts believably flawed but with room to grow, and CXG is very careful to use its runtime to actually grow its characters.
Many, many sitcoms try and fail to do this one way or another. A lot of shows succumb to the ever-increasing stakes and conflicts, and the writers sort of flip that whole assumption on its head as the show goes on.
I’ll elaborate more on this when I get into season 4, but generally, it seemed to follow that if there was a character you didn’t like at all in season 1, they would find a way to make you relate to them in some way by the end.
This character development gets a huge helping hand from character portrayals. Almost every member of the cast kills it. They are convincing, fresh faces who are relatable and easy to like. Bloom was the only cast member I recognized and she knocked it out of the park with every aspect of her performance, but other big standouts to me include Santino Fontana (of course) and Donna Lynne Champlin (who is probably the best singer on the cast).
This seems to be a pretty popular sentiment, but I found Fontana’s replacement in Season 4 to be very unconvincing. He felt like a synth or a cylon or a bodysnatcher or an Among Us impostor replacing the Greg I knew, and it’s sort of disappointing because up to that point I was actually rooting for Greg to return. I found Bloom and Fontana’s chemistry incredibly palpable and Astin unfortunately just didn’t feel anything like Greg.
As great as the character development is, this show wouldn’t have survived without its sense of humor, which is decidedly unique. Bloom was obviously gifted (or cursed, depending on how you look at it) with some amount of absurdist humor - after all, she does steal pets from the popular people and she does hide them in a shed. But with CXG, it fuses with self-aware sitcom meta humor and a certain feminist touch to create a blend you can’t see anywhere else.
If I had to pin a moment where the show hooked me, it would be during “The Sexy Getting Ready Song” in the first episode, where Nipsey Hussle (RIP) wanders into Rebecca’s bathroom, sees how horrible women have it and has a revelation that he has to go “apologize to some bitches.” You even get extra laughs as it takes that concept to its logical extreme in the outro of the episode.
I think that brand of absurdist humor is kind of ahead of its time, honestly. Absurdism has just been getting more and more popular, but even still a lot of it is confined to the corners of places like Adult Swim, who feel little need to trim its ugliness or temper it with more straightforward laughs. As much as I love The Eric Andre Show, CXG’s approach is refreshing, and when the girl in the season 4 intro had her own self-contained absurd storyline I lost it every time.
This show is also a musical achievement in many ways. There have certainly been shows in the past that incorporate a song into every episode that fits into the plot. Actually, the first thing that comes to mind is Phineas and Ferb. But this show does much more than simply throw together a memorable little tune - it throws in a ton of good humor, advances the plot, sets the tone and is at the very least a good genre pastiche, if not an outright catchy song. Many times the visuals go above and beyond, too, between sets, costumes and choreography. You can tell the showrunners love theater, and often their musical theater-inspired songs feel the most authentic.
Schlesinger’s contribution to the show was tremendous and his loss is tragic. Stuff like the theme songs for seasons 1 and 4, the JAP Battle, “West Covina,” “We Should Definitely Not Have Sex Right Now” and “Settle For Me” will probably be in my head for quite a long time and I know I will delight in running across them on YouTube in the coming months and years. He and the others on this show left a great legacy.
The show would not feel the same without the added touch of leitmotifs sprinkled into scenes. It feels rewarding to hear a callback to “Who’s That New Guy” when you see Nathaniel, or hear it later retooled to Bert’s arrival.
And that leads into my next point - CXG is just so damn clever. They’re always figuring out how to reference something in a new way or flip a song into a new context. First we hear Heather reprise “Settle For Me” to mean the opposite of what it did for Greg - then, later, we hear Rebecca flip “After Everything I Did For You” to use against Josh. There are, of course, a ton of good running jokes and meta references that they seem to keep very good track of, too.
From what I can tell, this show rewards an observant viewer - things will be referenced once and then only make sense if it really stuck in your mind or you rewatch it. On Reddit, someone mentioned that Naomi left Rebecca a voicemail telling her how much her suicide attempt “inconvenieced everyone” in the first episode. Rebecca brings up the same worry after her second attempt in season 3. Things like this tell me that this show was largely a labor of love, and having talented creators who care so much is often the best thing for any piece of fiction.
They were never afraid to take a chance and mix things up. This show never would have worked as a by-the-numbers sitcom, and all of the extra charms add up to something that is so much better than much of its competition. It’s kind of crazy to me that there are still four-camera soundstage sitcoms out there with cheap, recyclable plots when shows like this exist.
That being said - and I hate to say this - the show was not without its flaws. Some plotlines feel contrived and forced, and I don’t doubt that a lot of it came down to production issues rather than writing ones.
I think it’s largely to serve the audience, and it’s mostly a problem in the earlier seasons, but there are very many moments where characters (especially Rebecca, but others too) are unbelievably bad liars, but somehow manage to slink away with schemes. It seems like this is largely for the sake of the audience, but when Josh somehow can’t figure out that something weird is going on after the fiftieth obvious lie it makes him a hard character to identify with. The very suggestion that Rebecca’s ultimate destiny might be Josh after he has shown himself repeatedly to be such a completely brainless manchild is pretty lame (not to hate on him too much - he has other qualities, he’s just no good for Ivy League Rebecca).
Every time Trent shows up after the first time, he feels like he’s there because they ran out of problems to throw at Rebecca. Then, for whatever reason, he just totally gives up and confesses to be written out of the show forever. For lack of a better word, these things add up to the show feeling kind of “soapy” at times, although they are clearly somewhat aware of this aspect and make good efforts to temper it.
I had some issues with the show’s pacing, especially in the second and third seasons. Friendships sometimes felt like they jumped lightyears ahead offscreen when I would’ve liked to see some more of that bonding happen in real time, but I understand that they have a tight plotline and a lot of characters to develop.
Some plotlines felt like filler to me. It was clear that there was some joke or point being made, but a lot of the stuff with the side characters at Whitefeather or Paula’s family felt skippable to say the least. Perhaps the show’s most conceptual episode, “I’m Almost Over You,” parodies formulaic 2000s romcoms to explore Nathaniel’s complicated relationship with Rebecca.
Unfortunately, to get through it, we have to watch an entire formulaic 2000s romcom wherein very little character development happens and the same few jokes are repeated over and over. I liked the idea, and there are certainly some clever moments, but it could have been significantly shortened in my opinion. I didn’t know while I was watching, but showrunner Aline Brosh Mckenna was pretty much the 2000s romcom writer, which does add a new dimension to that episode.
It’s no secret that the marketing was a big failure, too. A lot of men were put off by it because it looked from the commercials like any other “chick flick” kind of comedy - there weren’t many attempts to make it stand out from the crowd. A lot of women were put off by the name - as Rebecca says, it’s “a sexist term” and they rightfully assumed it was the exact opposite (non-feminist) kind of show.
It was also on the CW, where many of the most popular shows are utter garbage only kept afloat by hatewatching. I bet a ton of you only watched it because, like me, you stumbled across a YouTube clip or you got bored and clicked on it randomly. Somehow it survived four seasons despite abysmal ratings, though, so as long as the story they wanted to tell actually was told, I’m pretty happy. (And obviously they’ve summoned a pretty devoted fanbase).
Ultimately, I think the good heavily outweighs the bad here, but it's worth mentioning some of the problems.
Regarding more serious stuff, it’s been talked to death, but this show’s approach to mental health is not only important and well-done but sorely needed. There are a lot of discussions and ideas brought up here that you would never see otherwise. It manages to balance some extremely dark and depressing topics with what is otherwise a light and carefree tone, and neither feels particularly overwhelmed by the other. I’m very impressed by that aspect of the show. I had no idea what BPD was before I watched and understanding it through this lens has changed my view of mental illness a little bit.
One of the toughest discussions the show had relating to my life was how Rebecca had finally gotten to a good place only to see her friends move away, which is a fear I’m still grappling with all the time. I had fun with every episode but I still had some stuff to think about.
Regarding diversity: The concept of “forced diversity” is, almost always, just an excuse for people who are homophobic or racist to be homophobic or racist. In some media, though, it feels less like promoting diversity and more like lazily forwarding a marketing goal by making a character who is totally defined by their one trait. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend handles diversity in the most genuine way possible. If a character is LGBT, a racial minority or neurodivergent, it’s certainly a character trait, possibly an important one that influences who they are, but it’s not their whole character.
We get songs like “Getting Bi” (which have become pretty important to the LGBT community), but Darryl doesn’t become “the bi character” - he’s still a holistic human being with his own traits and his own arc. They also kind of lampshade the concept of diversity hilariously with “White Josh,” who is also his own likable and dynamic character (although, as an aside, I wish his character didn’t take so long to develop!) There is certainly value in seeing someone like yourself in the media, and CXG is careful to craft characters who feel authentic rather than stereotypical.
Now about the structure of the show. Season 1 was great for establishing the tone and helping us get to know the characters. The middle seasons had their moments and they were generally a fun watch, but I think they were probably the weakest in terms of pacing, and when I stopped watching at the end of season 3, I will admit that I found the whole “Rebecca goes to jail” thing to be a little too silly. However, the fourth season was so well worth the wait.
There’s something really fun about watching all of these characters whom we have been watching incubate this whole time simply live their lives and move on from the frankly totally insane and illegal hijinks of the earlier seasons. The time they spent working on everyone made the characters feel almost like friends. Seeing Nathaniel warm up to become someone you want to cheer for, Darryl work out his insecurities, Heather and Hector get married, Valencia and Paula figure themselves out - they’re all heartwarming.
But the heart and soul of the show is Rebecca. Seeing her go from someone who you desperately want to root for to someone who you finally can genuinely root for and not feel like you will regret your decision later is very rewarding. They handled her arc with great care and each passing season feels like a big leap forward. When the fourth season finally comes, it’s unbelievably comforting to see her succeed. She has realistic setbacks, but she’s proof that you can overcome even gargantuan obstacles.
The ending was pretty much everything I could have hoped for. It was clear that she wasn’t going to be able to choose between one of them. In the season one theme, she says: “It happens to be where Josh lives, but that’s not why I’m here.” On the surface, that line seems like a lie she tells herself, and in a way, she is lying to herself. But in truth, Josh isn’t why she’s there.
Josh was the catalyst for her move, but her real journey from the very beginning was about breaking the confines of the path set forth by her mother and her childhood trauma and finally discovering who she is. It seemed really obvious when it hit, but I didn’t expect her to become a songwriter, and it was an extremely good twist when it came. It gives the show a really cool new dimension and gives a little bit of plausibility to some of the contrivances. I look forward to rewatching it when everything is a little less fresh in my brain.
On the TV show Community, Abed Nadir, the king of meta humor, once said: “[TV] has to be joyful, effortless, fun. TV defeats its own purpose when it's pushing an agenda, or trying to defeat other TV, or being proud or ashamed of itself for existing. It's TV. It's comfort.”
One of the things that makes this show so special is that it lets those discussions about hard topics happen naturally while still having fun and feeling effortless. It makes you fall in love with the characters like they are your own friends and family. It makes you cheer for people through dumb decisions and great triumphs. Stories feed on conflict, but our heroes in this story certainly earned their low stakes.
As a massive Community fan, I might be a little biased, but in some ways, CXG feels like a continuation of that show. It started right about when Community ended and sort of filled that void of self-aware, meta-bending, experimental sitcoms about extended adolescence and navigating what your life is supposed to be as an adult. They have their differences, but they almost feel more alike than different.
There may have been flaws or good points that I missed, as a lot of my criticism of the earlier seasons is kind of in retrospect rather than live. But ultimately, I will look back on this show very fondly - as a unique, underrated piece of art that was able to achieve so many things. It pushed boundaries, but it never pushed boundaries at the expense of an enthralling show.
CXG sits in kind of a weird spot because it is overwhelmingly critically acclaimed and probably only stayed on the air so long because of that critical acclaim. But it’s also extremely overlooked, and I think that if more people gave it a chance, it would be just as beloved as many of its contemporaries.
TL;DR: show super good, a few flaws but mostly important and well made show. Can't blame you for not reading, this shit is long. Now let's all go to Raging Waters.
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2022.01.26 02:33 sleepyfox1312 Anthony Edwards tonight in a win: 40 pts (14 in Q4), 8 reb, 3 stl, 3 blk

Anthony Edwards put the Minnesota Timberwolves on his back tonight, leading them to a narrow victory over the Portland Trail Blazers, with 40 points, 8 rebounds, 3 steals, and 3 blocks. He did appear to suffer a calf injury in the 4th quarter during a dunk. He stayed in the game, but it looked like the injury was still bothering him; hopefully it's nothing serious.
Source: https://www.nba.com/game/min-vs-por-0022100721/box-score
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2022.01.26 02:33 TheTruth221 do yall think we would ever see villain point of view movies in the universe like how the other brand does it

they could do one from thanos or another villain point of view
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2022.01.26 02:33 BlackOnionWagon Simply to go

Do they offer any other meals beside sandwiches & salads? I wish there are more variety
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2022.01.26 02:33 Zydairu What did the survey corps plan to do with zeke?

I missed this part in the manga so I’m only left to assume. Did they just want to two to bring down the walls ?
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2022.01.26 02:33 GTSBot [GTS] Liverpool One feat. some choice words in German

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2022.01.26 02:33 raccoonpoison Does being non-binary increase chances of getting hired?

If someone were to hypothetically identify as non-binary would they have a higher chance of getting hired due to some minority quota? Or would they have a higher chance of getting rejected?
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2022.01.26 02:33 mid83 Combining Peloton (or any brand) cycling with a BOD strength program? What programs could fit well like this for somebody looking to incorporate strength training into their workout?

We recently purchased a Peloton bike for our house and it's done wonders for me in terms of getting back into fitness after years of exercising hardly at all. I really want to incorporate strength training into my workout but I'm looking for something more structured like what Beachbody offers (ie. P90x, LIIFT4 etc..).
I'm curious if there is anybody here who combines Peloton (or another brand of course) cycling with a strength focused beachbody workout. What program(s) works well with cycling (I figure cardio heavy programs wouldn't pair well)? What sort of workout schedule works for you?
I appreciate any suggestions anybody has! Thanks!
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2022.01.26 02:33 boredbud04 Arkham Trilogy is on sale for $8.99 on the Microsoft Store

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2022.01.26 02:33 HornySwedeX Snap: Swedenboyx någon som vill runka på snap? 💦🍆

Adda Swedenboyx
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2022.01.26 02:33 tesseract_89 Anyone else think Sid is Carl the Bartender’s son?

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2022.01.26 02:33 Imaginary_Original44 Tesla gave me the wrong VIN

TLDR: Tesla gave me a different VIN at time of delivery. My loan and insurance were processed using the VIN tesla gave me when I got my delivery date confirmed, but I realized today I’ve been insuring someone else’s car (!!!)
I can’t seem to catch a break with Tesla’s sloppiness. I got a letter from the DMV today that my registration will be suspended next week because there’s no record of insurance on file (which you’re legally supposed to have in the state of California). I went to the DMV website and when I plugged in my VIN (pulled from my GEICO acct) it returned an error. I checked and saw that it didn’t match what the dmv had sent. Panicked, I went and checked my car, registration and Tesla account, and they all have the same VIN the DMV has.
I was stumped at how a random VIN could have shown up on my GEICO account, so I backtracked my steps. This was the VIN I used to apply for my loan through DCU (and then used to rate match with Tesla), and the VIN I used to get Tesla insurance when I first purchased the car. I couldn’t have applied for the loan at DCU without it. I changed my insurance over to GEICO in November and pulled the VIN from either my Tesla insurance docs or Tesla account (can’t remember which) too.
My only conclusion is that Tesla removed this old VIN from my acct sometime after delivery and updated it with the correct one, but failed to ever mention it to me. Thankfully my loan (through Tesla) has the correct VIN and I haven’t been making payments on someone else’s car (although I have been insuring someone else/haven’t been insured until today). Such a mess.
Double check anything you filled out in your early VIN days (especially loans! If I had kept my loan with DCU I assume I would have been making incorrect payments).
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2022.01.26 02:33 thekidslovefranklin Slightly odd question about insurance reimbursement

This might be weirdly specific but thought I’d come here for advice. I had a septorhinoplasty about 6 months ago and paid for it with cash in full prior to the surgery. They told me they handle everything with insurance and took a copy of my insurance card. I knew my surgeon was out of network with insurance providers and know that insurance doesn’t usually cover anything cosmetic, but this procedure did have a functional component (the septoplasty). I vaguely recall the surgeon’s office telling me that if I were to receive any checks from my insurance company for the procedure after the fact, I’d need to send the check(s) to the surgeon’s office within X days of receiving it.
Now, I could be mistaken but this is what I remember being told. Today, I unexpectedly received a check from my insurance company for a portion of the procedure, but the check is in my name. I can’t imagine how the surgeon’s office could even possibly cash a check in my name if I sent it to them, but also - I paid for the surgery in full before the procedure. I’m unsure what to do here - do I let my surgeon’s office know about the check? Do I just keep the check myself? Has anyone else ever had this happen, or had their surgeon say something similar?
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2022.01.26 02:33 TheWettestBandits Genuine question, but why is “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” so adored and widely regarded as an almost perfect Christmas movie?

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2022.01.26 02:33 Deymin WA DA DA has reached a new peak of #9 on Japan’s Billboard Hot 100 (220126)

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2022.01.26 02:33 throwaway280982 to?

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2022.01.26 02:33 hurtmewithyourwords Hello Lawyers! I am looking fathful lawyers Please DM!!

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2022.01.26 02:33 momy9282736 I’m a mommy looking for a loyal sugar baby that I can spoil enough I am willing to spoil you and give you $1700 as your weekly allowance through cashapp or PayPal if you don’t mind text me on kik sugarmommy2272 or Snapchat me :kailteforever

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